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Finned Heating Elements


Finned Heater:

Finned Heaters can be manufactured with varying powers and shapes with various pipe and serpentine diameters upon request. Pipe diameters vary between 6.5 - 20 mm upon customer requirements, and serpentine diameters may vary between 20 mm and 50 mm accordingly. Finned Heaters can be manufactured with supply voltages between 24 V and 500 V DC. The pipe material and serpentine material to be used in production of this type of heaters are determined specifically for intended use of the heating element. Accordingly, finned heaters can be manufactured with 310 S and alloy800-alloy600 grade special stainless steel pipes and serpentines. Moreover, 316 L and alloy 825 pipe and serpentine materials can be preferred if the finned heaters are to be used in corrosive environments.

Finned Heaters can be manufactured with varying sizes and shapes. For example; plain bar finned heaters can be manufactured with Minimum 200 mm and maximum 6600 mm length, and U-type heating elements can be manufactured with Minimum 150 mm and Maximum 3200 mm length. In addition, we manufacture M-type and circular helical type finned heaters.

The primary field of use of finned heaters is air blowing, fan coil units. Finned heaters are also commonly used in the construction industry especially for heating the air discharged from the air ducts in shopping malls, hospitals and hotels. In addition, finned heaters are manufactured with custom designs for specific environments in all industrial processes requiring industrial drying.

Fields of Use: Finned heaters are used in various applications such as Ovens, Industrial furnaces, Paint drying ovens, Conditioning machines, Fan units, etc.